So what free SSL vendor should you really choose?

Do you have a lot of sub-domains?

Do you have a lot of sub-domains or need to cover your new sub domain without getting a new SSL? You can generate a wildcard SSL from our Let's Encrypt SSL generator for free. 

Do you only have a single domain you want to protect?

Do you only have a single domain where you site is hosted on? You can get a free from GoGetSSL in our client area and the best part? It is even trusted on old browsers like internet explorer.

Want the SSL to be assigned as soon as sub-domain is made?

Do you want your sub domain to be automatically secured on a globally cached CDN? You should consider using Cloudflare. More details on their website.
Note: Cloudflare doesn't support sub-sub domain (, you may need to unproxy the connection to server and use one of our ssl.


Well, it's totally up to you on what ssl you choose, any SSL is used to protect user data. The only thing that is different is insurance on free SSL providers. Free SSL providers generally don't provide warranty if end user is on loss on an ssl secured website. For SSL certificates you should switch to paid SSL providers like DigiCert, Comodo, etc., 2020