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Before you begin,

What really are SSL certificates?

This video explains about SSL Certificates because Actions speak more than words, and this video is an perfect example of that statement. 

What can an SSL certificate do for me?

An ssl certificate is good in many ways, for the main part, SSL certificate encrypts your website data while it is being transmitted from Client (you) to the web server securely so that any hacker can not eavesdrop on your data while it's being transferred. For eg, your credit card information.

So, is it really Free?

Yes, it is 100% free, hamrossl provides you certificates that have a validity of 3 months.

Does certificate renewal cost me money?

No, our certificate renewals will not cost  you even a single penny. It's Free :D

Wait it's Free, What's the catch?

There's no catch on free SSL certificates, It's protection of user data and other valuable information, just that you have to keep renewing it every three months.

What certificate vendor is best for me?

Well, it totally depends upon your needs so, we can't really tell but please consider reading the different certificate vendor features here.

What types of certificates do you offer?

We currently only offer DV (Domain Validated) certificates as they're free.

SSL we provide.

Let's Encrypt SSL.

Best for wildcard domains, and users with modern browser and operating systems.


Publishers and advertisers can decide how to present their content and what technology vendors to use, all while maintaining and improving key performance indicators.

General Information

What is Let's Encrypt?

Let's Encrypt is a non-profit certificate authority by Internet Security Research Group that provides TLS encryption at no charge. It launched on April 12, 2016. Let's Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days. During that time, you you can renew the certificate at any time.

What is GoGetSSL?

GoGetSSL is a well known SSL brand for selling digital certificates from leading certificate authorities for more than 10 years.

Is it really necessary to get an SSL certificate?

In the modern web, Yes, it is important to have a green pad lock on the address bar of the browser. As to why, first of all, it increases visitor trust on the site which is important because losing customer data is losing their trust. Secondly, because of Chrome. As of beginning of July 2018, chrome will mark any website which don't have SSL marked as "not secure". Thirdly, websites with SSL Encryption ranks higher on Google Search Results. It also makes sure to the visitor that the data they provided on contact forms have gone securely to the serevr...

Why should I choose you?

Well, it's a thing of trust whether you should choose us while generating a SSL certificate or not as the SSL is same, it's just for the convenience.

What more free SSL's are there?

There are lot more free SSL providers like: 


Cloudflare provides you with SSL certificate if you use their CDN proxy service and for that, you need to point your domain namserver to cloudflare nameservers. You can signup for cloudflare here.


Yes, Google too provides you free SSL if you sign up on their services like Google Sites, Blogger or Firebase and use a custom domain.

Encryption Everywhere

This is not well talked but you can get this certificate when you register a domain through OpenSRS,, or through 


A chinese SSL provider wosign also provides free SSL certificates for securing your email, web servers! You can request SSL from them here. But, currently it may not be available.

ComodoSSL Trial

Comodo provides a free SSL trial which is limited to one domain and is valid only for 30 days but them being one of the oldest certificate authority, their SSL is recognized in 99% of all browsers. You can sign up for one here.


GeoTrust provides free SSL certificate trial for 30 days, risk free. You can sign up for the free trial here.

BuyPass Go

BuyPass also provides you with a free SSL certificate for six months but you need to be a root on your server which is bad for Shared Hosting users. You can sign up for their service here. Trial also provides free wildcard SSL certificates for 90 days. You can try out their SSL here.


ZeroSSL provides you with free unlimited SSL that supports multiple domains where free certificates are valid for 90 days. You can sign up for their service here.

PositiveSSL Free

PositiveSSL also provides you with free single domain SSL. You can sign up for their service here.


cPanel also provides you with a free DV SSL certificate with its AutoSSL bot. You can use this bot from SSL/TLS Status Option where it will auto install SSL on the added domains in cPanel. 

Instant SSL

Instant SSL Free trial provides you a free SSL for one FQDN (Fully qualified Domain Name) for 90 days. You can get it here.

There may still be many free SSL providers which provides you SSL for free but not most of them provide you additional wildcard sub-sub domains or more than 5 domains on one certificate. But Let's Encrypt allow you to generate one. Yes, it may not be supported by older browsers but almost all newer versions of browsers have support for Let's Encrypt SSL., 2020